Curtain Room Divider for Comfortable Rooms

Curtain Room Divider for Comfortable Rooms- Curtain room divider is something used to divide the rooms when there desain rumah minimalis modern type 45 is no wall. It is important to have something can be used for divide when there is no wall. And this is the answer. The information below is some steps in making this kind of divider.

Curtain Room Divider: Ways of Installation.

The first thing that should you do is preparing curtain room divider kit.  Then, you may measure the top door frame and frame. The result should be added 4 inches. Cut 1 inch by 2 inch pine board by using measurement. After that, you may measure 2 inches below the hooks and to the floor. Cut a piece of curtain room divider fabric. Then put the curtain room in the place which has made. Lay the curtain, the right side up is on the work surface. Last, place the curtain divider in to the right side down the room front divider.

Curtain Room Divider: Design

Some examples of curtain room divider ideas are in the following explanation. First is plant-like plastic room divider. It is made from flexible yet strong plant-like plastic creation. It is interesting, since the appearance it looks like algae. The other example is vertical wave divider almost the same with its name, the appearance is like a wave. It is made by ply wooden in various woods. You can also read about condo interior design in this site.

This kind of room divider helps much in solving the space problem. Curtain room divider makes the room become comfortable.